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By in swordpress on August 26, 2020
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Muhammad Ali Adnan, PMP

Muhammad Ali Adnan, PMP

Senior Project Manager at KALSOFT

I am sure all of you project management enthusiasts must have wondered sometimes as to what exactly is difference between PMP, PRINCE2 and Scrum/Agile?
Well look no further as in this article I am going to do exactly that i.e. clarify the difference between these three.

Please note I am not going to compare the certification detail, exam fee, exam type/questions and books/resources e.t.c. because you will find plenty of information about it on internet. Instead I am going to go straight into the heart of difference. So here you go!

PMP is a standard, PRINCE2 is a methodology and Scrum/Agile is a framework.

Loosely speaking you can use these terms, standard, methodology and framework interchangeably for PMP, PRINCE2 and Scrum/Agile but here I am talking in strict technical sense.

In simple terms PMP is a “standard”. Standard means best practices. They are neither legally binding nor you are forced to adopt them. It simply means that based on experiences from all over the world, a standard has been made which if you apply in your situation, will bring favourable results. But it doesn’t mean there is 100% guarantee that they will always bring favourable results to you.
If you open the first page of PMBOK (the page after trademarks and logos) which has title “Notice”, you will see it states exactly that. Here are some excerpts from that page.

The Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) standards and guidelines publications, of which the document contained herein is one, are developed through a voluntary consensus standards development process.

PMI does not undertake to guarantee the performance of any individual manufacturer or seller’s products or services by virtue of this standard or guide.

PMI has no power, nor does it undertake to police or enforce compliance with the contents of this document.

As I stated Prince2 is a methodology. Methodology means doing something step by step. This is what Prince2 essentially about i.e. it lists down steps to perform to do project management unlike PMP. It tells you what to do first, then second and so on. Although you may see that PMP has also got steps but essentially they are not and neither they are performed in particular order in strict sense.
Here is a quote from Wikipedia.

PRINCE2 is a process-driven project management method which contrasts with reactive/adaptive methods such as Scrum.

PRINCE2 closely resemble PMP but not Scrum/Agile.

Scrum/Agile is a framework. Framework means a base on which you can build something. That’s why you will see that based on Scrum framework there are numerous certifications being offered. One of them is offered by PMI which is called PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner). And then there are some others too such as Scrum Alliance and Scrum Council.
Framework provides you with boundary or blue print of what is included in it and then you can extend on it. All of these certifications above have their own course outline and structure even though they are based on same framework.

It can be said that project management itself is a framework on which all these certifications, PMP, PRINCE2 and Scrum/Agile are based.


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